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View Products GX900 Reel

GX900 Reel

A high specification, high quality reel, the GX900 is a serious competitor in all forms...

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View Products GX700 Reel

GX700 Reel

The stunning GX700, with its anodized aluminium frame construction and unique Greys Fly Line...

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View Products GX500 Reel

GX500 Reel

A narrow width, large arbour design fly reel for fast, level retrieve, the GX500 also...

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View Products GX300 Reel

GX300 Reel

The GX300 reel is made from high-grade aluminium in a practical ported large arbour design,...

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View Products G-Series Reel

G-Series Reel

On the one hand, this is a very high quality, entry level reel that a...

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