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XF2 Streamflex

XF2 Streamflex


The ultimate river rod, designed for the most technical and demanding of light line anglers.

We improved the original Streamflex's legendary smoothness and in-hand balance with totally redesigned blanks and custom fittings as well as adding specialised sizes to meet the advancing demands of today's technical angler.

All new, in-house designed aerospace grade alloy reel fittings with stunning burl maple wood spacers, section line up marks and our custom composite tipped handle completes these rods for a light line rod range that can't be matched.


  • Smooth middle to tip action with fast-recovering tip
  • High modulus carbon construction
  • Section line up marks
  • High grade cork and composite hybrid handle
  • Anodised aluminium reel seat with maple burl spacers
  • Twin reel seat locking nuts
  • Triangular colour coded Cordura rod tube


Can't decide whether a 9'6 dry fly rod or a 10' nymphing rod would better suit your river fishing? Try the XF2 Streamflex Plus - two exceptional rods in one.

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Model Code Length (ft / m)RatingSectionsWeight (oz / g)HandlePrice ($)
XF2 Streamflex 6'6 #3 GROXF2SF663 6'6 / 2.01#342.18 / 62RHW$239.95
XF2 Streamflex7' #3 GROXF2SF703 7 / 2.13#342.43 / 69RHW$245.95
XF2 Streamflex 7'6 #4 GROXF2SF764 7'6 / 2.31#442.46 / 70RHW$249.95
XF2 Streamflex 8' #4 GROXF2SF804 8 / 2.43#442.75 / 78RHW$259.95
XF2 Streamflex 8'6 #5 GROXF2SF865 8'6 / 2.62#542.85 / 81RHW$269.95
XF2 Streamflex 8'6 #6 GROXF2SF866 8'6 / 2.62#642.82 / 80RHW$269.95
XF2 Streamflex 9' #3 GROXF2SF903 9 / 2.74#343.10 / 88RHW$279.95
XF2 Streamflex 9' #4 GROXF2SF904 9 / 2.74#443.20 / 91RHW$289.95
XF2 Streamflex 9' #5 GROXF2SF905 9 / 2.74#543.20 / 91RHW$289.95
XF2 Streamflex 9' #6 GROXF2SF906 9 / 2.74#643.20 / 91RHW$289.95
XF2 Streamflex 10' #2 GROXF2SF102 10 / 3.04#243.17 / 90RHW$299.95
XF2 Streamflex 10' #3 GROXF2SF103 10 / 3.04#343.28 / 93RHW$299.95
XF2 Streamflex 10' #4 GROXF2SF104 10 / 3.04#443.28 / 93RHW$309.95
XF2 Streamflex 10 #5 GROXF2SF105 10 / 3.04#543.31 / 94RHW$309.95
XF2 Streamflex 11' #3 GROXF2SF113 11 / 3.35#343.38 / 96RHW+EH$319.95
XF2 Streamflex 11' #4 GROXF2SF114 11 / 3.35#444.45 / 98RHW+EH$329.95


A lovely rod... it roll casts well and shoots line effortlessly. I would have no hesitation in recommending this rod to fishers of all abilities. It will be a delight with which to cast and play fish

Trout & Salmon's Andrew Flitcroft on XF2 Streamflex 10ft 5wt

A very forgiving mid-action rod that would suit all anglers. Very nice!... The blank is forgiving and all manner of casts can be performed with ease and accuracy... I would recommend this rod to anyone. For me, the best value rod in this test.

XF2 Streamflex gets Favourite stamp in Trout & Salmon's 'Which River Trout Rod?' Feature


The 11' #3 XF2 Streamflex is the best river rod I have ever used, and by quite a long way! I use it for absolutely everything (except that I don't fish streamer) for trout and grayling; any method, though it excels with a leader-to-hand rig with a single or (small) double nymph and particularly dry fly. It has changed the way I fish.

Jeremy Lucas, Hardy & Greys Academy, APGAI qualified guide and England international.

I have purchased both a 10ft 3wt, and a 10ft 4wt and currently awaiting delivery on a 10ft 2 weight. These rods are absolutely the best. I own various rods from different manufacturers and these are more comfortable in my hand casting, in their smoothness and accuracy. I would rate them better than the eight rods that I own from your competitors. Great in still water and streams.

John Edwards, Greys Customer, USA

After casting several rods, ranging from $200 to $600 in price, the XF2 Streamflex had the exact right blend of speed and finesse. The first time on the stream with this rod felt like I found my way home- able to acheive substantial line speed and accuracy without sacrificing "touch". Wonderful backbone for tuck casting heavy nymph rigs. Haven't played a "large" fish yet, but the season is young...

Jeff Moore Greys Customer

This rod is a blast, from euro style nymphing, to indicator fishing.

 Steve Jacobs, Massachusetts

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